I’m Stacy, the crazy cat person behind lattecats.com. From September until June, you’ll find me living in Somerville, MA with my sidekick Sebastian (also known as Cookie, as she asked for a more girlish name once her gender was discerned). I work as a high school physics teacher and curriculum writer.

Me with Pumba, the super sweet kitty who lives in the apartment above me.  

Cookie and I open our home to Airbnb guests who stay in our extra bedroom. I enjoy having the opportunity to talk with all sorts of people from around the world. Cookie loves meeting guests and considers herself very lucky when her new friends invite her to sleep in their room.

During July and August, Cookie summers at grandma’s house, my apartment is left to visitors, and I head off to faraway spots. I wander the streets of new cities, meet old friends and make new ones, hike in forests and on mountains, search for vegetarian food, drink beers outside, read novels in the sun, and share lattes with cats.

The summer of 2016 was spent in Japan, Taiwan, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Finland. I checked out many new cat cafes while I was on the road, and I’m still in the process of blogging about them all.