Hyo-neko no mori (Kyoto Bengal Cat Forest)

DSC_6326.jpgLattecats goes to Japan! I’ve now been to several cat cafes here, and I’ve found that the “cafe” aspect of Japanese cat cafes is usually an afterthought. Kyoto Bengal Cat Forest does away with the cafe altogether and simply is a room decorated like a forest with cats running around.

Seven bengals were in residence when I visited midday on a Friday. The place was quite crowded, and when we left there was a line outside. Guests are limited to 30 minutes, but as I wasn’t sipping a coffee, it was a sufficient amount of time.

The place has more of a business feel than a homey cafe run by cat lovers, and it’s located inside the (amazing) Teramachi shopping arcade. An owl petting zoo is located above the cat forest, and it’s possible to visit both with a combination entrance ticket.

Location: 554, Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8042, Japan

Hours: 11 am – 7 :30 pm, 7 days per week

Admission charge: 600 yen ($6) for 30 minutes or 1100 yen ($11) for a combo ticket to see both the bengal cats and the owls

Reservations: No

Price for a small latte: N/A

If you visit and find yourself in need of a real cafe, I highly recommend Mumokuteki. It’s located nearbly in the Teramachi arcade and serves mostly vegan organic food. I had a delicious lunch there for a little over $10. The setting is lovely too!FullSizeRender 11

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